State Patrol Warns Drivers Not to Park on Highway

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December 11, 2012
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December 11, 2012

The Washington State Patrol has issued a public warning that skiers should not park on the shoulder of the highway.

Traffic congestion from people parking on the shoulder at Steven’s Pass was a major problem last year. This creates a hazard for emergency workers and snow plows and can create unsafe conditions.

Of course, the rule applies to everyone … not just skiers. Washington law prohibits drivers from leaving unattended vehicles on a highway unless arrangements are made for the vehicle to be removed promptly. The shoulders of highway should only be used for emergencies. Stopping for recreational purposes is not legal. You can receive a $124 ticket and possible have your vehicle impounded. Troopers will enforcing the laws this year.

Read more here: Washington State Patrol reminds skiers not to park on highways

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