State Patrol Catching DUI’s from the Sky

Halloween isn’t just for kids, but also a celebration for the young and old to party and pretend they’re someone else. But what you shouldn’t be on Halloween, or any other night, is a reckless driver, and the Washington State patrol will be enforcing that, from high in the sky.

Pilots and troopers from the Washington State Patrol will be emphasizing patrols against drunken driving during Halloween by using a high-tech system that can spot impaired drives from an airplane. The camera uses thermal imaging to pick up the image of cars driving along the highway at night, according to a news report. The plane can follow the suspected vehicle, radioing its location until a trooper can catch up.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I’m glad to hear that during the last six years, there have been no fatal Halloween collisions on state highways in Snohomish County, and I’m glad the state patrol is doing an active job to catch impaired drivers, especially on high-risk nights.

I agree that catching drivers who have been using drugs and alcohol should be a top priority. As a car accident attorney, I remind people to always have a designated driver when you’re planning on drinking or always plan on staying overnight in a safe place after drinking and never drive under the influence.

Extra patrol from the sky will begin this weekend and last through New Year’s Day.