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Speed, Distractions Put Children’s Lives In Danger

A tragic accident involving speed and distractions led to the death of a small child.

According to officials, a three vehicle accident near Enumclaw has resulted in the death of a 4-year-old.

The tragic, heartbreaking crash happened Wednesday when a 2009 Honda Fit crashed into a Subaru Forester that was then forced into a 2003 Peterbilt tractor carrying a side-dump trailer. The Honda Fit was carrying the boy who was airlifted to the hospital where he was later declared dead.

According to officials, the child’s death is not related to the car seat as he was properly restrained.

The driver behind the wheel of the Honda was also injured in the accident but did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. The drivers in the other two vehicles were not injured in any way.

Officials have mentioned that both inattention and speed are to blame for the accident. Still, details regarding how the collision came to be are scarce.

We are terribly heartbroken to have learned that this horrific accident involving three vehicles also resulted in the death of a child. We hope that drivers across Washington are reading about this crash and learning that being focused and avoiding speeding will help them to avoid this type of collision.

When we’re inattentive, we often ignore potential risks and aren’t able to react quickly enough to prevent a collision. And like distraction, speeding will also keep us from acting promptly in the event of an emergency.

Therefore, drivers must be made aware that they should never allow distraction or high rates of speed to get in the way of staying safe.

In this particular accident, three vehicles ended up being involved but the worst consequence was the actual death of a child.

This type of collision can be prevented and must be prevented by all means. But Washington drivers will only be able to prevent similar accidents if they are alert to the risks associated with distractions and speed.

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