SPD Detective Allegedly Driving Under the Influence

According to Seattle police, a detective was allegedly arrested for drinking and driving last Friday. According to reports form the authorities and other news sources, it was unknown whether the man was on duty the moment he was taken or not.

The alleged drunk detective from Everett was involved in an accident in Mukilteo. His vehicle rear-ended another car sometime after 1:20 p.m. at Chennault Beach Road. The car that the 46-year-old detective was driving belonged to the city of Seattle.

According to the authorities, the man accused of hitting another vehicle while driving under the influence made a brief appearance in the Everett District Court and pleaded not guilty to the charges. There are no other details regarding the causes behind his reckless behavior, seattle authorities are still investigating the case.

As an Everett car accident lawyer I urge all drivers out there to never engage in the activities of drinking and driving. It is not only illegal it can also be fatal in many cases.

Thankfully there were no casualties involving this case but if there might be anybody who happened to be injured in this accident or any other similar accident, they should not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer right away.