Southbound Hwy-101 Gets Much Anticipated Speed Reduction

News sources reported that the Washington State Department of Transportation posted new speed limit signs on the southbound side of Highway 101 in Olympia Tuesday in the effort of reducing traffic accidents.

The reduction in speed affects only the southbound lanes of Highway 101 from the Crosby Boulevard exit to the Interstate 5 interchange. The signs indicate that the speed has been lowered from 60mph to 45mph in the area. According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Guy Gill, the reduction is part of a request to reduce the excessive number of accidents in the area and increase public safety.

“This all boils down to public safety. We believe that lowering the speed limit there is going to reduce collisions and that’s our goal,” Trooper Gill said.

The final decision to lower the speed limit in the area of mile marker 367, which has seen 134 accidents over the past year, was made by State Department of Transportation traffic engineer John Nisbet. The decision has met some criticism by locals and commuters that do not believe the reduction is necessary, but overall the public reaction has been in support of the change.

Troopers will be “using the minimum amount of enforcement necessary” over the next month. The 30-day grace period will see troopers enforcing the new speed limit with verbal warnings, however those traveling at excessive speeds will still receive tickets, as will those involved in collisions while exceeding the newly posted limit.

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