Source Says Chevy Volt Power Cords Pose Fire Hazard

Many news outlets have been reporting recent fires related to the Chevy Volt batteries.

After public pressure, GM promised to give every volt owner a free loaner while the likelihood of a defective batch of batteries manufactured by GM is being investigated by the authorities but more news have now surfaced.

According to the news, some consumers have reported Volt cords overheating and presenting melting issues. The carmaker claims the problem with the cord isn’t linked to the manufacturer but with the owners’ wiring. GM has redesigned the item and replaced an undisclosed number of official cords.

Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration never disclosed any owners’ complaints regarding Volt cords, overheating problems have been observed by sources linked to Yahoo! Autos.

The cord comes with the charging station that must be installed by Volt owners. The cord was designed to be a stopgap but according to information gathered from the official Volt website forum, 19 out of 53 users affirmed they had some type of problem with the faulty cords, most had to be replaced by the carmaker.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I hope Volt owners will contact the carmaker so the proper information regarding the free loaner they’re entitled to can be delivered in a timely manner.

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