Smoked Seafood Products recalled due to Botulism Scare

As stated by an announcement on the FDA website, the Smoked Seafood Products manufactured by FITRITE Incorporated are being recalled due to a possible contamination with the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The product sold exclusively in the states of Washington, California and Nevada through the Seafood City and Manila Seafood retail stores, may pose threats to your health in the form of botulism, a fatal type of food poisoning.

The FDA and FITRITE urge consumers to return Pangasinan Seafood in the clear vacuum packed package to the place of purchase as soon as possible. Do not use the product in any recipe or by itself. The labels of the recalled items read: PANGASINAN Roundscad Smoked Galunggong and PANGASINAN Mackerel Smoked Hasa Hasa.

Whether you dispose the product or return it, for any more information related to the recall you may contact the company by follwing the announcement link.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I’m familiar with the devastating effects that contaminated food can have on humans. I hope nobody will get sick from having consuming this product. Let it be known that personal injury lawyers can help you whenever you were exposed to a serious health threat by a defective product or contaminated food.