Smoked Salmon Recall Extended, Possible Listeria Contamination

According to several news sources, the recall for “transOCEAN Wild Alaska Sockeye Smoked Salmon” has been extended. The allegedly contaminated product with the lot numbers 1280W and 1293W has the potential of being a source of Listeria monocytogenes. This highly risky organism may cause fatal infections in fragile elders, young children and individuals with weak immune systems.

Doctors claim that this infection may also cause miscarriages and may pose a health threat to pregnant women.

The reports from the FDA assure consumers that this specific lot of salmon was distributed to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland but that it may have made its way across the rest of the Country.

The FDA reported that the affected salmon was claimed to be a risk to consumers’ health by the manufacturer and that the current recall does not affect other products by the same company in any way.

Personal injury lawyers in Seattle are glad that the company was quick to respond to a problem that could have turned out to be a product liability issue.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I hope that all consumers who may have had purchased this item will return it immediately. This type of infection could be deadly to many, the health hazard is great so don’t delay.