Slow Down or Pay Up Program

It seems that a lot of new law enforcement programs are coming to fruition lately.  If you keep up on this blog then you probably already know about “Target Zero,” “Driving While Driving,” “Text Talk Ticket” and “Click it or Ticket,” among others.   Now we have a new one to add to the list: “Slow Down or Pay Up.”  With all the emphasis on distracted drivers sending text messages behind the wheel or drunk drivers causing accidents, this is the first I’ve heard lately about speeding.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I agree completely that speeding is, and has always been, a huge factor in causing accidents on our roadways.  Now, Yakima County Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force members will patrol the streets over the next month.  In particular, they will be on the lookout for negligent, speeding drivers.  They hope to drastically decrease the number of fatal crashes in the state of Washington.  Thanks to a federal grant which will cover the costs of the 25 additional officers working overtime, this program was able to hit the ground running.  By 2030, they hope to get the annual speed-related fatal car accident statistic down to zero.  A lofty goal, but one we must always strive for nonetheless.