Sixth DUI Lands Reggie Rogers in Prison

A former Washington football star and NFL defensive lineman has been imprisoned for another year after his sixth DUI, according to news sources.

Reggie Rogers was arrested in Tacoma at Highway 509 and Port of Tacoma Road.

Currently, Rogers is finishing a two-year sentence in Burien for a 2009 DUI. He is ordered to appear in Tacoma Municipal Court on January 3rd, but Rogers’ attorney has requested a November 16 hearing to show evidence that a back injury that Rogers recently underwent surgery for could be irritated by jail conditions, suggesting that he be ordered to home confinement instead.

In 1988, Rogers was driving under the influence and failed to stop at a red light, killing three teenagers. He spent a year in prison after being convicted of negligent homicide.

As a Tacoma auto accident lawyer, I find it shocking that this man is still allowed to get behind the wheel of a car when it’s clear he has very poor judgment when it comes to driving under the influence. This leads me to believe that the punishment and drinking laws should be more severe in this state in order to keep people with multiple convictions off the roads. In my experience as a personal injury lawyer in Tacoma, I’ve seen the tragic consequences that drinking and driving can have, as have the family members of the three boys who died as a result of this man’s decisions.