Sexist Safety Measures Protect Men More Than Women

According to recent studies from the American Journal of Public Health, women have a higher likelihood of suffering injuries in car accidents because safety features are designed for men.

While going over data concerning US auto accidents, researchers uncovered that females that wear seatbelts during accidents still have a 47 percent higher chance of sustaining serious injury than men involved in a comparable accident. Previous studies have attributed these differences to the way in which each of the sexes drive, but researchers have recently suggested that the design of the safety features may be to blame. The positioning of head restraints, for examples, does not take into account the different length, size and strength of a woman’s neck in comparison to a man’s. Women also have a higher likelihood of injury to their lower extremities because of their shorter stature. In other words, vehicles safety features are simply made for taller people.

Researchers say that, “health policies and vehicle regulations must focus on effective safety designs specifically tailored toward the female population for equity in injury reduction.”

As a Tacoma car accident lawyer, I’m glad that this issue has been brought to light and hope that steps can be made in the near future to help improve the safety of all drivers on the road. If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by the negligent driving of another, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer in your city about the options open to you.