Seattle City Light Finds more Electrifying Streetlamps

The City of Seattle has found nearly 56 electrocution risks at their streetlights and ground covers, which could cause personal injuries or even kill animals, according to news reports.

Seattle City Light has been conducting a contact-voltage inspection of the citys’ 37,000 streetlights and ground covers since the beginning of the year after a dog was electrocuted and killed. It said Tuesday a dog discovered another streetlight in the Central District conducting a fatal 90 volts.

Ninety volts has proven lethal to dogs. Under 50 volts is considered non-lethal, according to City Light.

“As a precaution, City Light said it is testing and inspecting about 60 metal streetlight poles that were damaged and replaced within the past year. Officials said some of the poles were not in place when crews did their contact-voltage tests in late December and early  January.”

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I hope Seattle City Light can eliminate all these personal injury risks. If you suspect a streetlight or ground cover is producing high voltage, contact streetlight hotline at 206- 684-7056.

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