Seattle Cars Get the Boot

Seattle residents who have unpaid parking tickets might get the boot.

According to news reports, the city is beginning to boot vehicles by putting a wheel locking device that will force them to pay up if they want their car back.

“The move comes as the city is owed a whopping $25 million in unpaid tickets. And the more than 20,000 people with four or more unpaid city parking tickets need to pay up to avoid getting a boot,” according to news reports.

The city is trying to make up for the $25 million people owe in unpaid tickets.

Troopers said it will boot vehicles with four or more unpaid city parking tickets. More than 20,000 vehicles will get booted.

“To get the boot off, drivers can call the number left on the windshield, pay their tickets and interest, plus a $149 boot fee to get the boot’s secret code to unlock it.”

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I hope this will help drivers be more responsible. I urge drivers to always follow driving laws including parking laws, which are put in place for safety reasons.

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