‘Santa Claus’ Rescues 4-year-old From The Traffic

According to the Washington State Patrol and other news outlets, a truck driver alelgedly saved a 4-year-old boy who happened to wander away from the house that belonged to his aunt somewhere close to Eltopia.

The reports from the Washington State Patrol claim that the driver found the boy on Highway 395. The boy who’s now safe at home with his aunt, left the house when she was allegedly taking a shower.

The authorities say the kid ran a mile away and ended up at a median, just north of Pasco when the truck driver saw him from his vehicle.

The driver claims the boy came to him without any major hesitations, maybe because he thought the driver looked like Santa Claus. After a call to 911, Child Protective Services came to the kid’s rescue so he could be reunited with his family.

As a Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer and a parent, I hope that the 4-year-old boy is doing well. There are many moments when our children like to act out of peer spontaneity and carefreeness, we must always be attentive so a similar situation won’t turn out badly.

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