Samaritans Nab Drunk Driver Who Fled Scene

Hit and run accidents can be particularly devastating for the victims and their families. As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I’ve handled lots of cases where an innocent victim of a hit and run accident is left with a mess to deal with, financially, medically and emotionally. In instances where a fatality is involved, often the family of the deceased has a hard time moving on without knowing who killed their loved one and the circumstances involved.

There are many reasons why people choose to flee the scene. Maybe they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest or they were drunk when they caused the accident. In this recent story out of Baring, Washington, several good samaritans helped to capture a drunk driver who caused an accident along Highway 2 yesterday. Several drivers witnessed 54 year-old John Milke try to pass a car on the highway when he clipped the other vehicle causing it to rollover.

Three of the passengers in the roll over vehicle were transported to a hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. Milke, however, continued on driving without stopping.   That’s when the witnesses took action and followed his vehicle. When his car finally died several miles from the car accident scene, those good samaritans worked together to detain him until Washington State Patrol could arrive. He was taken to jail and is pending charges for drunk driving.

Kirk Bernard