Safety Tips for Drivers During Deer Season

The fall season also coincides with deer mating season, which can be a dangerous time for drivers and passengers. In order to avoid a collision with a dear this season, keep these tips in mind:

-Sunrise and sunset are the times that deer often travel, and it’s also harder to see them because of the decreasing light. Be extra careful around these times, and slow down.

-Two-lane roads warrant extra caution as well. Deer that cross these roads will likely be in your path and will appear without warning. There’s also less room to avoid collision with another car.

-Just because one deer has crossed the road, doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. Deer often travel together and in a single file line, so be cautious if you see one.

-If you see a deer on the side of the road, slow down. It’s the beginning of breeding season, and bucks often chase does. They travel with their heads to the ground in order to follow a scent trail.

However, you can’t always avoid a deer. The following are some tips from safety experts to minimize your risk of injury.

-Always wear a seat belt and make sure your passengers are as well.

-Avoid swerving. Most injuries that are deer-related are not caused by actually colliding with a deer, but rather when drivers swerve in order to avoid them. Swerving can cause a wreck with another vehicle, or may cause your vehicle to roll over or run off the road.

-If you see a deer, brake and hold on to the steering wheel with both hands.

As a auto accident attorney Bellingham, I hope that you and your family stay safe this season. In my experience as a Bellingham car accident lawyer, I’ve seen distractions and road blockages cause many accidents.