Safe Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

If you’re pregnant and need to travel, being in a car is a comfortable option since you can make frequent stops if needed.  However, some pregnant women fear that being in a car could have certain safety issues for them.  If you are worried that wearing your seat belt could injure your baby if you’re in an accident, you should know that this is simply not the case.  Out of the many studies conducted, it has been determined that women who buckle up experience less injury and death in the event of a car accident.

According to this article, the safest option is to use a seat belt that consists of both a shoulder and lap belt.  The lap belt should sit beneath your baby bump, as close to your pelvis as possible.  Never run the lap belt directly across your belly because the force of an accident can cause the placenta to separate.  Make sure the shoulder belt runs diagonally across your chest, resting between the breasts.  There are seat belt extenders available if you need the extra length.

If you’re on a long road trip, it’s important to take frequent breaks to walk around.  There is a higher risk of developing blood clots for pregnant women which happens when blood pools in your legs. If this happens, the clot can travel to your heart, lungs or brain and can be fatal. The best thing you can do is increase your circulation by moving around often and to not sit down for more than 4 hours.  Also, drink lots of water and wear loose fitting clothing.

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I also wanted to remind you to leave your airbag turned on at at times.  Studies have determined that airbags are in fact safe for pregnant women and their babies.  Just keep in mind that you want a gap of 10 inches between your stomach and the steering wheel.