Rollover Crash Leaves Driver and Passenger Injured

As stated by various news sources there was a rollover crash in which two people were hospitalized early Wednesday morning. The crash that took place on Highway 20 allegedly involved the use of alcohol or drugs. The Washington State Patrol reported that the 55-year-old driver had to be airlifted to the hospital due to conditions of the crash. The passenger, a 38-year-old man was taken to the hospital by ground ambulance. Both injured victims were allegedly from Newport.

The detailed conditions of both driver and passenger were not disclosed to the public. Authorities have reported that the crash occurred when the 55-year-old driver was heading eastbound on Highway when her Jeep went off the right shoulder. As she tried to maneuver, the vehicle swerved to the left and ended up into the eastbound ditch where it rolled and then crashed.

According to the Washington State Patrol there were no other reports of anybody else being involved with the crash. Authorities are still investigating the crash, charges are still pending.

As a Spokane car accident attorney I hope both people involved in this crash a speedy recovery and urge all of those who may be tempted to drink and drive not to do so. One of the major causes of deadly accidents is driving under the influence. Be aware that whenever involved in a car accident, have a personal injury lawyer by your side so all your questions may be answered and your case may be taken handled by the most skilled professionals.