River Ranch Bagged Salad Recalled Due to Listeria

In a news release, California’s River Ranch Fresh Foods, in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), announced the recall of various bagged salad products due to a potential Listeria contamination discovered in testing performed on post-distribution samples by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

This voluntary recall affects approximately 2,154 cases of various bagged salads, including Farmers Market Brand 8-ounce shredded iceberg, 7-ounce Parisian blend, 9-ounce leafy Romaine, 12-ounce Romaine garden and Hy-Vee Brand 8-ounce shredded lettuce, 12-ounce American blend, and 12-ounce garden supreme and 12-ounce Romaine garden. These products were manufactured on September 27 of this year and each feature “best by” dates of October 14, 2011. The recall mainly affects the products that were shipped to and distributed in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Ohio to retail supermarkets. Thus far, neither the company nor the FDA had received any reports of illness in relation to this recall.

Listeria monocytogenes is an organism that can result in serious and sometimes fatal infections in the young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Most healthy individuals may experience short-term symptoms including high fever, headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, however, in more severe cases, it can lead to miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. The company and FDA are urging consumers that have bought these items to return them immediately to the place of purchase for a full refund.

As a Bellingham personal injury attorney, I’ve seen similar recalls in the past and know the harmful effects that contaminated food can have on consumers. If you’ve been injured through the consumption of contaminated food, it may be in your best interests to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in your city to learn more about the legal avenues open to you.