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Risk Of Crashes: These Cars Have Problems That Should Be Addressed

Two recalls have been announced recently. And since we’ve been alerted that both could lead to crashes here in the state of Washington, we decided to make sure that our readers and clients are aware of this problem.

The first recall campaign consumers should know about comes from Kia. The company has recalled all of its 2017 Niro SUVs over an issue that would eventually lead to crashes.

Since these passenger vehicles come with motor-driving power-steering connectors that could be damaged, a loss of electric power steering assistance may take place. In this case, the driver may have an issue steering the car, especially if the vehicle is traveling at low speeds. If the driver requires greater steering effort, the vehicle may be more susceptible to being involved in crashes. And to prevent these accidents, Kia will begin contacting impacted vehicle owners by April 7.

While this issue is serious and drivers should not ignore it, there’s yet another recall campaign that shouldn’t be ignored.

Maserati has announced that thousands of its 2017 Maserati Levante SUVs come with engine software that may present problems that could also  lead to serious crashes.

In this particular case, the transmission may sift unexpectedly while the vehicle is traveling at slow speeds or while it’s in stop-and-go traffic. If that’s the case, then the engine may shut off without any warning.

In this case, a crash may occur as a result.

Owners are being contacted in late March and should make sure that the issue is addressed immediately. Maserati dealers will have the software updated entirely for free. Consumers who are concerned about their safety until the company contacts them may benefit from reaching out to Maserati directly.

Either of these recalls may lead to crashes. And as such, consumers should be aware that acting fast is the best solution.

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