Reporting Officers Collide in Capital Hill

Two Seattle police officers crashed into each other while responding to a Washington State Patrol call on Sunday. The officers collided head-on at the intersection of 12th Avenue East and East John Streets in Seattle’s Capital Hill.

The incident occurred when the two police cruisers were racing to assist a “trooper who was wrestling with a suspect near a narrow stretch of Highway 520 near the Montlake Boulevard exit,” according to news reports.

“The State Patrol had received several 911 calls about a pedestrian walking against traffic in the westbound lanes of 520. When the trooper arrived and tried placing the man in his patrol car, the two fought.”

Both officers suffered minor injuries in the collision. One was reportedly transferred to Harborview Medical Center for observation, according to news reports.

No other vehicles were reportedly involved in the collision. The incident is being investigated.

As a Bellevue car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this car accident. I hope both troopers are able to experience a full and speedy recovery. I hope investigators are able to determine how this collision occurred.

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