Recall Issued For Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Equipment

The news spreading all over the country claims that a recall was announced for the Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Equipment. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission along with the company responsible for the manufacturing of the recalled product, released a joint recall alert according to the news.

The official announcement shows the recalled exercise equipment was distributed by Nautilus Inc. of Vancouver, Washington. The company stated that the item demonstrated malfunctioning issues related to the footplates. The article states that the plaques have a great possibility of coming detached from the rest of the equipment posing a fall hazard to users.

Elliptical Exercise Training equipment was linked to nine accident reports including a particular complaint from an user who struck his knee after the footplate detached from the rest of the equipment, he was using the product when the accident happened. A personal injury lawyer could be highly helpful at this moment.

The USCPSC said that over 10,000 units should be recalled. The product has the name Schwinn 460 and is made of gray anodized aluminum.

As an Everett personal injury lawyer, I urge all owners to contact Nautilus for the free repair kit they’re entitled to. According to the manufacturer, an extended warranty will be given to all owners of the Elliptical Exercise Training units.