Recall Issued For Over 200,000 Toyota Sienna Vehicles

A recent recall has just been issued for over 210,000 Toyota Sienna cars according to the announcement from the Consumer Reports.

The models 2011 through 2012 were recalled since the company failed terribly in complying with federal requirements that say the vehicle capacity weight for both cargo and occupants must be visibly exposed to owners.

The incorrect information on the vehicle placard will lead the car to cause the tire to be overloaded, which can make the tire fail and will result in a serious accident hazard.

According to the official reports, the company is arranging fixed placards and an entirely revised owner manual. They will be shipped to all Sienna owners in the near future. Owners should contact the company if they have any questions regarding this recall.

The many accidents that can occur to owners of a defective product make it indispensable for readers of this blog to return regularly so they will be aware of the latest news on National recalls.

As a Bellingham auto accident attorney I hope that the defective car won’t cause any of the model’s owners to be at risk. Personal injury lawyers understand the necessity of maintaining the public well aware when it comes to product recalls.