Recall Issued for Kotex Natural Balance

Various news sources reported that the company Kimberly-Clark is recalling Kotex Natural Balance feminine products. According to the announcement, the alleged contaminated products were distributed to Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas

The product Kotex Natural Balance* Security Unscented Tampons Regular absorbency with the codes 15063 and 15068 were recalled due to a possible contamination. The FDA has also issued a report in their website.

After an alleged test, they realized the product was contaminated. The recalled items were manufactured with raw material, which may have been a facilitator for the alleged contamination. The bacterium that worried the company is the Enterobacter Sakazakii, it causes urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory illnesses etc. Women with a weak immune system or cancer are more susceptible to falling extremely ill with this bacteria.

There weren’t any reports of illnesses linked to this product. As a Renton Personal Injury Lawyer I urge all you to pay attention to the the recall. If you own the recalled product, do not hesitate to call the company to get your money back.

Whenever you or a loved one has been injured by a defected product, contact a personal injury lawyer that will assist you in a timely manner so you may have the justice you deserve.