Recall Issued For Black Bean Tortillas

According to recent news from various outlets, the company United Natural Foods, Inc. is issuing a recall of black bean tortillas in the State of California. This is yet another case of possible botulism bacteria contamination to haunt the press.

The Rhode Island-based company announced along with the Food and Drug Administration that there hasn’t been any illnesses reports linked to the consumption of this item but they have decided to go along with the recall anyway.

The reports from the different articles have stated that the recalled item was distributed to Safeway stores. Although this was not a nationwide recall, I believe readers should be aware of any food recall that goes on even only in a local scale. We never know when products that might have been recalled in the past will make it to our table.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I hope that nobody will get sick from consuming contaminated food products. Unfortunately, more often than ever, personal injury attorneys have to deal with sad cases of individuals who fall fatally ill after consuming contaminated products poorly inspected by the manufacturers.

Don’t delay and call your attorney right away.