Recall Issued For 126,000 Honda Goldwing Motorcycles

According to recent news from the Consumer Reports, certain Honda motorcycles are being recalled.

Over 120,000 motorcycles are being recalled according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of a problem with the secondary brakes and their cylinders.

Reportedly, the problem makes the rear brakes drag and increase the risk to riders since it may lead to a collision. According to the news, the problem can cause the brake to overheat since riding with a tied in rear brake will strain the engine.

The carmaker has stated that the malfunctioning brakes are part of all GL 1800 Goldwing motorcycles manufactured from 2001 to 2010. The 2012 models also have the same issue.

By January, all owners will be notified of the recall and how they must proceed to get their motorcycles fixed properly, according to Honda. Goldwing motorcycle owners will have the maintenance performed on their motorcycles for free.

As a Federal Way motorcycle accident attorney I urge all riders who happen to own one of the recalled models to contact the company right away. Don’t ever wait for a recalled product to break or fail when you most need it, respond to the recalls quickly so you won’t get harmed in any way.

Any personal injury lawyer should be of great assistance if you ever feel you were the victim of a company that is neglectful. Call right away.