Raw Cookie Dough Behind E. Coli Outbreak

According to several news sources, dairy products or raw eggs didn’t cause the recent E coli outbreak across the nation like the authorities previously thought. Studies prove that raw flour present in prepackaged cookie dough was the real responsible resource of contaminated material.

The study was conducted by the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal and it discovered that the outbreak from 2009 of E. coli originated with the cookie dough that is distributed in several stores nationwide. The news show that over 70 people were reported to carry illnesses related to the contamination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the ingredient that is responsible for the contaminated cookie dough. Researches believe that the raw flour is the only ingredient that may have gone under the radar while carrying the E. coli bacteria since eggs, sugar and molasses go through a process that kills several pathogens while raw flour doesn’t.

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