Pro Wrestler Files Lawsuit for Surgeries

Famous professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Laser Spine Institute in Florida for allegedly performing unnecessary and ineffective surgeries.

The wrestler claims he arrived at the clinic in 2009, and the doctors recommended he undergo “minimally invasive” treatments that purportedly have a better success rate and quicker recovery.

His lawyer claims he suffered spinal instability and increased bone loss as a result of the surgeries. Other surgeons in the area had recommended open lumbar spinal fusion surgery, but the clinic did not offer that procedure and reportedly convinced him he did not need a fusion surgery. Hogan’s attorneys claim the doctors should have known their treatment would not work for his condition.

One orthopedic surgeon not affiliated with the case said minimally invasive treatments result in less blood loss and quicker recovery times, but it is not an effective option for certain types of problems.

Hogan claims he lost out on opportunities by not being able to wrestle and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgeries that did not help.

A 2011 newspaper article questioned the marketing tactics of the institute and suggested they were performing procedures that would not be helpful.

I encourage everyone to use caution when receiving treatment that seems to good to be true. If you have several experts tell you that you need a certain procedure and one doctor who claims you do not need the procedure, you should do more research. While we do not know all the circumstances of this case, there are plenty of doctors and clinics that are more concerned with making money than helping patients.