Possibly Mislabeled Seafood under FDA Investigation

According to many news outlets, there is an investigation being held by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the mislabeling of seafood packages that come from all over the world. Many cases of seafood species being packed and labeled as something else have been allegedly reported.

The seafood trade association has been reportedly discussing the issue in a recent conference. The DNA tests will start being held by the FDA soon. They will be using many samples of fish from warehouses and distribution centers. Imports will also be targeted. The NFI claims that the most advanced DNA bar coding technology will be put to good use for the testing. The genetic material is taken from each fish sample, is compared against all the gene fragments in store and then determined whether labels match the species inside the packages.

Regarding the mislabeling errors, FDA firmly believes that most of it must have happened after the product left the manufacturer’s facilities. According to reports, they think the mistake took place at the retail level.  A staggering number of 1,000 seafood samples will be tested.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I hope that cases of personal injury related to product mislabeling will end drastically after this extensive investigation. If you ever find yourself a victim in a similar case, don’t delay in contacting a personal injury lawyer in your area.