Pork Recalled for Listeria

Authentico Foods is recalling 54,000 pounds of ready-to-eat pork products for potential Listeria bacteria contamination.

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety and Inspection Service announced the recall Wednesday based on a review of the company’s records that revealed the company did not properly document compliance with a Listeria bacteria prevention program.

Although no reported illnesses have surfaced yet from the pork, the company decided to issue the voluntary recall.

The pork products primarily consist of fried pork skins distributed in Calrifornia and pickled pork skins distributed in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

The recall was issued as Class II, which means there is a “remote probability of adverse health consequences from the use of the product.” Listeria can cause fever, muscle aches, and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea. The bacteria is especially dangerous for pregnant because it can lead to miscarriage, infection of the newborn or even stillbirth.

If you have the product you should return it to the store for a refund or throw it away. As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I recommend seeking medical attention immediately if you think you have contracted a food borne illness.