Pierce County’s Party Patrol Arrests 32 People

According to the Washington State Patrol and other news outlets, Pierce County’s Party Patrol has been very busy lately. Reports show that there were 32 people arrested for underage drinking and other furnishing teen parties in one single day.

A caravan of underage teenagers in Bonney Lake led the police to the residence of a 17-year-old and her mother who was providing alcoholic beverages to the teens. Two adult men were allegedly arrested in Edgemont for deliberately providing alcohol to underage kids. Still in Edgemont, a house party was discovered after a minor had to receive medical attention after suffering alcohol poisoning.

Reports show that in Puyallup, two girls who were allegedly 19 year old were arrested. Authorities noticed a BAC level in one of the minors that was two times higher than legally permitted. After so many arrests and misfortunate accidents, Pierce County’s authorities said that the important thing is that they were able to provide medical care to the kids and educate parents about the dangers of alcohol among teenagers.

Many personal injury lawyers are unfortunately very familiar with the kind of violations of the law Pierce County’s Party Patrols see on a regular basis. As an Seattle personal injury lawyer I’m glad to hear that an initiative as brave as Pierce County’s Party Patrol has been saving the lives of many by providing care and education to the Washington youth.