Pedestrian Killed Mere Feet From His Home

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June 30, 2010
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June 30, 2010

The owner of a flower shop was run down by a car while crossing the street at night; he was only a few feet from his driveway at the time.

Tragically, the owner of a flower-shop in Cheney, Washington was killed merely steps away from his home in a pedestrian accident.  On Sunday night, the man had just closed up his business for the day and went to cross 1st avenue in the downtown area of Cheney. The 61 year-old man was getting ready to go on a camping trip that next day and was packing up his camper.  Attempting to get to his apartment across the road, he was struck by a driver around 10:45pm.  He was only a few feet away from his driveway.

Cheney paramedics rushed him to Sacred Heart Medical Center but he passed away within hours.  The driver that hit him, a 47 year-old man also from Cheney, did not flee the scene and cooperated with the Highway Patrol’s investigation.  Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the man had hit someone in his car.  Just two months earlier, he struck a bicyclist causing him a broken leg, arm, and several weeks of lost work.  The bicyclist he hit responded to this news by saying, “The first thought that went through my head is you’ve got to be kidding me that this happened again.  It was just too unbelievable that the same guy, same thing happens again.”

As a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, my thoughts go out to the family of the victim.  At this time, investigators are still looking into why the accident occurred and whether the driver will face any charges.
-Kirk Bernard

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