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Parking Assist Issue Increases Risk Of Accidents In Hyundai Vehicles

Hyundai is recalling thousands of vehicles in the U.S. over a software problem that could make accidents more likely. 

According to the firm, recalled units come with Remote Smart parking Assist (RSPA) that may experience a software issue. 

Impacted units include the 2020 Hyundai Nexo and Sonata that were sold with the RSPA system. 

The technology, which is meant to assist the driver in the parking process and even allows the vehicle to be parked while the driver isn’t behind the wheel, may continue to move even if it detects a problem. 

If the technology identifies an issue and the vehicle continues to move, it could crash, increasing the risk of property damage or injury. 

The firm should be able to fix this problem by updating the software responsible for the remote parking feature.  

Hyundai Prevents Accidents By Promptly Reporting On The Issue

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the firm reported the problem on April 9. The recall was issued a week later. 

The NHTSA explained that Hyundai acted correctly by reporting on the issue as soon as its engineers spotted it during a routine developmental testing. While newer vehicles have already had their RSPA software updated, the firm will begin to contact impacted vehicle owners whose cars have yet to be repaired on June 4. 

Once Hyundai contacts you, you should be able to take your vehicle to a dealer where the staff will reprogram the RSPA software entirely for free. 

It’s refreshing to see automakers being proactive once they learn of an issue. Unfortunately, not all carmakers do the same, and issues go often unaddressed for years, exposing drivers to accident and injury risks. 

If you own one of the recalled Hyundai vehicles, make sure to have its software reprogrammed as soon as possible to avoid accidents.
For more on this recall, follow this link.

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