OnStar Celebrates 15 Years of Car Safety

OnStar, the GPS system that drastically changed car safety, is currently celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this month.  Since the company was founded in 1995, it has responded to over 1 million emergencies.  The system works to notify emergency responders and assist drivers in precarious situations.  For instance, if you’re involved in a serious car accident that leaves you trapped and unable to reach your cell phone, all you have to do is push the little blue button on your dashboard to alert OnStar of your emergency.

If you’re unconscious after an accident and can’t contact OnStar yourself, they will recognize that your airbag has been deployed and will send emergency crews to the scene of your accident.  According to this press release, the company has done this approximately 146,000 times.

As a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, I was unaware that OnStar also offers a “Crisis Assist” program.  Through this program, they have helped almost 200 communities along the coast prepare for hurricane damage.  According to OnStar President Chris Preuss, “One of the most rewarding parts about working for OnStar is knowing that we’ve helped save so many lives over the years.  Our emergency services also provide millions of drivers with peace of mind when they’re behind the wheel.”

Within recent years, OnStar also released their “Stolen Vehicle Assistance” technology which helps law enforcement agents locate a stolen vehicle using gps coordinates.  The technology can also slow a vehicle down to a stop, allowing police to catch up to it.  “We’ve heard too many stories of innocent victims who lost their lives because a high-speed car chase got out of control.  With features like Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, it’s now possible to eliminate that dangerous situation all together,” claims Preuss.