One Man Hospitalized After SR-500 Multiple Car Pileup

News sources reported that a 40-year-old Portland man sustained moderate injuries in a four-vehicle pileup accident near Vancouver Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the accident occurred just before 4:45pm on State Road 500 as the vehicles approached Northeast Stapleton Road. Slow traffic caused three vehicles to slow to a stop. However, the fourth vehicle, driven by the 40-year-old Portland man, was unable to stop in time to avoid an accident, causing a chain reaction that affected the three vehicles in front of him.

The 40-year-old man was taken to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver for the treatment of injuries to his neck and back that he sustained during the crash. He was listed in satisfactory condition by hospital staff as of Wednesday night. Two of the other drivers, operating the two vehicles sandwiched in the middle, a 58-year-old Battleground woman and a 33-year-old Vancouver woman, sustained injury during the crash, but were not taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the front vehicle, an 18-year-old Vancouver woman, escaped the accident unscathed. The Washington State Patrol stated that all drivers were wearing their seatbelts during the accident, and has since cited the 40-year-old Portland man for following another vehicle too closely.

As a Vancouver car accident lawyer, I’ve seen similar accidents in the past and am relieved to learn that no one was more seriously injured. I wish all the occupants involved a quick recovery from their injuries so that they may put this event behind them. If you’ve been injured in an accident that you believe was the direct result of another driver’s negligent actions, it may be in your best interests to speak with a car accident lawyer in your area.