‘OMG’ Campaign From The Department of Transportation Educates Teens

Recent news shows that the U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a public service furnished to educate teens about the dangers of handling their phones while driving. The campaign ‘OMG’ is a series of videos that that will run on more than 6,500 movie screens, 500 TV screens and Outcast’s PumpTop TV.

Several types of distractions that may be life-threatening for all drivers will be addressed by the ‘OMG’ campaign. The reports from various news sources show that the campaign will be aired during the month of December in theaters and gas stations throughout the United States.

The positive approach of the videos in this campaign embed a responsible attitude into the safe driving message, the idea is to keep it from making it boring to teenagers.

The videos focus on types of distractions that are constantly ignored by motorists of all ages. This effort from the U.S. Department of Transportation tries to keep the message simple so the danger of distracted driving can be stated clearly to all young drivers.

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