Officers Cleared from Accusations after Loud-party Dispute

According to the local news, the federal-court jury has concluded that two Seattle police officers are not guilty to the charges pressed against them. The two officers were allegedly being sued for an accusation related to a loud party that took place in a Queen Anne home back in 2008.

The incident happened when authorities were called to intervene in a loud-party case. What the two officers hadn’t realized was that the two young brothers who were present at the party would be capable of trying to damage their careers later on.

Until this moment both sides argue that they were only acting in self-defense. The officers were considered not guilty and the charges pressed against the brothers who were previously charged with felony assault on an officer were dropped. Insufficient proof is claimed to be the main reason behind the dropping of all charges pressed against the twins but few details regarding the questionable evening are widely known.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I hope authorities are doing their best to uphold the law and remain fair to all of those involved in this incident. Remember that in any case of personal assault against you or a loved one, you should always contact a professional and reliable personal injury lawyer to edify your doubts regarding your case before acting.