NHTSA Investigates Honda CR-V’s Faulty Headlights

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into the 2002-2004 model year Honda CR-V in regards to an issue with the vehicle’s headlights, according to recent news sources.

The Office of Defects with the NHTSA has reported receiving 12 different complaints that the headlights suddenly stop working. The absence of headlights during the night or in bad weather conditions can significantly contribute to the likelihood of a crash. The crash chance is increased both by decreased visibility on the driver’s end from lack of light, as well as other drivers being unable to see the car.

Some reports indicate that the light switches required replacement, while others point to the wiring of the headlights as the issue, citing damage from overheating as the cause.

Some 431,000 of the vehicles may be affected by this potential defect, which the Office of Defects Investigation is continuing to examine, along with Honda Motors.

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