New Website Launched About Distracted Driving

I was reading this article and they mentioned that the Department of Transportation has launched a new website that is trying to address the problem of “distracted driving” head on. It called www.distraction.gov.

The latest problem to hit our roadways is Texting and Talking while driving. It’s believed that roughly 28% of all car accidents (that’s 1.6 Million) are caused by someone talking or texting on their cell phone while trying to operate their vehicle. That number alone should be enough to make you hold that call.

It has been suggested that you use a hands free device to talk on the phone so that you can have both hands on the wheel and you’re not impairing your vision by having a phone up to your ear. While this may sound like a good idea supposedly this does not solve the problem. The problem comes from people being distracted by something else (in this case talking on the phone) and not paying enough attention to whats going on around them.

As a personal injury lawyer in Seattle I remember when there was a time in our lives when we didn’t have cell phones to distract us from our driving (it wasn’t too long ago) and perhaps it’s as good time as any to regress back to those old habits. Set the phone down, turn the ringer off, or lock it in your glove box if you are going to be tempted to send/read that text or answer that call. Nothing is so important that you can’t wait until you get to some place safe.

Kirk Bernard