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New Tech Would Make Trailer ‘Invisible,’ Helping To Avoid Accidents

A new technology is hoping to make towing a trailer much safer than before. And the way it hopes to accomplish that is by making the trailer “invisible.”

Hauling a trailer carrying any sort of load can be quite difficult for drivers. After all, they block the driver’s visibility, making accidents more likely as it becomes difficult for them to merge.

The technology comes from General Motors. And according to the manufacturer, the feature uses several cameras. Mounted on the car’s rear bumper and the rear of the trailer, these cameras give the driver a greater and wider view of the road.

While the visibility tool would allow drivers to carry trailers much safely, the technology is not available anywhere but the United States. The first truck to carry it is the 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty model. Hopefully, drivers will like the technology enough that GM will upload it to other vehicles.

In the past, Land Rover made a similar type of feature. It created its version of the “invisible” car tech by using a camera mounted underneath the car. The technology came out in 2015, but GM’s system is the first to use cameras mounted on the car’s bumper and trailer.

‘Invisible’ Trailer Could Help Avoid Accidents

This technology could help drivers to avoid serious and potentially deadly accidents. We hope that GM, Land Rover, and other automakers expand on this idea.

Fixing visibility issues could make drivers more aware of their surroundings. Even drivers of smaller vehicles would benefit greatly. But until this type of solution is widely present, drivers must do their part to avoid crashes.

If you’re hauling a trailer or driving a new car whose visibility is limited, make sure to check twice before changing lanes. Consider adding lane departure technology to the list of features you’re looking for when purchasing a new vehicle. Also, avoid breaking road rules by never going above the speed limit.

Other actions you should take to avoid accidents when your visibility is impaired involve staying in the right lane if you’re driving slower than the traffic. Avoiding to “park” in the left lane while traveling slowly makes you less likely to be the victim of a crash.

For more on this technology, follow this link.

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