New Tech Will Help Teens to Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

Teens are often the most vulnerable drivers. They are frequently focused on a series of activities while behind the wheel: talking to other passengers, eating, drinking and using their phones to text and check Social Media.

Auto safety should be a major concern to you, whether you are a teen driver or the parent of a teen driver.

According to recent reports, a series of new technologies may be used by teens in order to ensure that their ride is a safe one. Parents especially should make sure that their teens are ready to face the challenges the road may pose. Too often, just buying the latest model in an attempt to ensure that their teen will have the best car is not enough. Tech developers have been working tirelessly to ensure that certain technologies may help drivers and parents should take full advantage of that.

One of the devices recently released with the aim of helping drivers to stay safe is known as Truvolo. The system makes the vehicle a connected car by using a technology that plugs into the diagnostics port. Most vehicles produced after 1996 come with those ports. According to the company, the feature kicks in once it’s connected and the self-diagnostic technologies begin working. Teen drivers and their parents are then warned when there’s something wrong with the vehicle, long before the vehicle is able to provide them with details with the help of their warning systems and their dashboards.

The technology also helps the driver and the parents by logging data on how the vehicle is being driven. The technology adds sensors to the car system, making certain behaviors easy to notice such as hard acceleration and the abrupt usage of brakes.

Once the data is gathered, it’s sent via Bluetooth to the driver’s or the parents’ phone through an app. Alerts will be sent not only when driving behavior is far from perfect, but also when drivers arrive at their destinations. The app will also warn parents if the device has been unplugged, making it more difficult for the teen to avoid being caught doing something he or she is not supposed to be doing.

The technology will also help the driver by reading out text messages while he or she is behind the wheel. Auto-responses will also be sent in your name while you’re driving, making sure your trip is much safer.

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