New Helmet Can Alert Authorities of Crash

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September 17, 2012
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September 17, 2012

A new type of bicycle helmet will not only help reduce head injuries but will also call for help after an accident, according to Mashable.

The product, designed by ICEdot and SenseTech, looks like a yellow sticker on the side of the helmet. As plain as it looks, it could save your life.

The device uses motion-detecting technology to determine when a rider has likely fallen. A countdown will begin to give the rider a chance to deactivate the system in case a helmet was dropped accidentally or a rider tripped but was not injured.

Once that clock reaches zero, the emergency data with location details and information about the severity of the crash will be sent to an app on the person’s smart phone using Bluetooth technology. The information will then be sent to the person’s emergency contact.

At least at first, the sensor will be used for cyclists and actions sports athletes, such as BMX riders, snowboarders and skateboarders.

The developers of this technology hope that it will cut down on the number of accidents that happen where a person becomes disabled or unconscious and cannot call for help. If emergency responders can arrive on scene earlier, the chance of a person surviving is greatly improved.

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