Nestle Recalls 200 Lean Cuisines Due to Undeclared Allergen

In a press release, Nestle Prepared Foods Company, a subsidiary of Nestle USA, announced the voluntary recall of a limited amount of Lean Cuisine Dinnertime Selects Chicken Fettuccini meals due to a mislabeling of Lean Cuisine meals that contain the known allergen shrimp.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that a small amount of Lean Cuisine Dinnertime Selects Lemon Garlic Shrimp product was inadvertently distributed in packaging labeled as Lean Cuisine Dinnertime Selects Chicken Fettuccini product.  The company estimates that less than 200 packages are affected by this recall, however have issued the recall out of an abundance of caution due to the severity of shellfish allergens. The affected products feature a “best before” date of October 2012. The company was alerted to the situation after four consumers purchased the mislabeled product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported in association with this recall.

Nestle is advising consumer with shellfish allergies and that have purchased the product not to consume it in order to avoid a possible serious or life-threatening allergic reaction. The company asks that consumers contact them directly to receive a full refund.

As a Tacoma personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen similar recalls due to undeclared allergens in the past and understand the severe effects they can have on consumers. If you’ve been harmed through the consumption of a recalled food product, contact a personal injury lawyer in your city to learn more about your legal options.