Nationwide Recall of Electric Breast Pump AC/DC Power Adapters Have Been Issued

According to several reports, Playtex has announced that a new recall announcement linked to a series of AC/DC power adapters manufactured to go along Nurser Deluxe Double Electric Breast pumps.

The reports show that the devices that are being recalled were manufactured with a casing that could become loose and come detached while in use, increasing the risk of a possible electric shock. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the company decided to issue the recall promptly out of an abundance of caution since no incidents have been reported in association with these devices.

All potentially defective parts that are now under recall should be returned to the company so that affected consumers can get a replacement part. Playtex has announced that defective adapters can be identified by the adapter production codes 1241 through 1324 and serial numbers that may vary from P12324-XXXX to P13205-XXXX.

All adapters that were recalled should be replaced immediately. Consumers with the recalled parts for the Nurser Deluxe double electric breast pumps should stop using the devices and contact Playtex promptly in order to avoid a possible issue.

Too often, medical devices get recalled because people were injured or because they suffered health issues in association with the use of the items.

If you rely on certain drugs or medical devices, make sure to stay on top of FDA recall announcements in order to make sure that you are aware of a serious recall as soon as there is one. You may want to click here to read the full FDA announcement linked to this particular recall if you have any questions or concerns related to these matters.

The FDA often releases lists of devices and drugs to watch after recalls are issued. If you are aware of a possible recalled drug you may be on, go to the FDA’s website to learn more about any recently recalled medication.