Multiple-Car Accident near Olympia

Three cars crashed into each other on northbound Interstate 5 on Sunday morning in Olympia, blocking traffic, according to news reports.

The multiple-car collision occurred around 11:25 a.m. near DuPont along I-5, according to news reports. The accident backed up traffic for four miles to the Nisqually River Bridge, according to the state Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol. Drivers were able to drive past the collision using the right lane, according to the DOT, as the two left lanes near Center Drive were blocked.

It is unknown if any injuries occurred as a result of the collision. According to the state patrol, aid was called to the scene.

The accident scene was cleared by noon, according to news reports.

As an Olympia car accident attorney, I can only hope this multiple-car accident did not result in any personal injuries. I hope everyone involved in the accident is safe. I also hope the investigators can determine what went wrong in this collision to possibly prevent an accident like this from happening again. I urge drivers to always pay attention while driving and never tailgate others to avoid collisions like this.

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