Multi-Car Accident Maybe Linked to Medical Emergency

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Too often, tragic accidents occur because drivers are distracted. In other occasions, intoxication or speed are to blame. But unfortunately for many victims, many accidents also happen due to the driver’s health condition.

According to recent news reports, the Washington State Patrol has recently indicated that the driver behind the wheel of a semi-truck involved in a 28-vehicle accident may have had a medical emergency at the time of the collision.

The report shows that the accident happened on Saturday. At least 28 vehicles were involved and seven people ended up suffering injuries as a result. One victim was rushed to the hospital and is now in critical condition.

According to the WSP, the truck was traveling on the southbound lanes of I-5 in Mount Vernon when he crossed the median and traveled into several cars that were stopped across the street. The vehicles were stopped because of an investigation into a shooting that had happened in the area earlier.

Twenty eight vehicles were impacted and debris were found all across the roadway.

People were stuck in their vehicles and some stayed like that for hours until emergency personnel could clear the area and help people leave their vehicles. While no detailed information concerning the driver’s health was disclosed, official reports show that the WSJ is investigating and that the driver may have had a health problem prior to the accident.

Accidents Happen, But Motorists Must Avoid Driving Under Certain Conditions

Motorists should always keep in mind that driving safely means adapting and making changes to your routine so certain problems won’t interfere with your driving. If you have a health condition that requires you to take certain medications that may make you feel drowsy, you shouldn’t drive while you’re on the medication, for instance. The same should be observed if you have a health condition that may cause you to lose control over the vehicle you’re driving.

While emergencies may happen and you might not be 100 percent ready to handle it, other issues are manageable. Stay safe by knowing your limits.

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