Mudslide Closes Down Route 202 near Centralia, WA

News articles covering local accidents reported that according to the Washington State Patrol, a mudslide forced the authorities to shut the Route 202 down at the 267th avenue on Tuesday around the city of Centralia, WA. The ongoing rain made conditions unbearable for the traffic and residents of the surrounding region. The River at Centralia flooded to an extent rarely seen before.

According to the Centralia Emergency Management, the level of water in the river will rise 4.5 feet above the stage of flood by Wednesday evening.

The news have claimed that the Centralia Emergency Operations Center will be open and active until the river starts to retreat. Another problem can be traced back to the drastic change in weather: the street flooding that was reported near Tacoma. On top of that, over 8,600 residents from Oyhut, West Wishkah, Ocean Shores and Tokeland lost their access to electricity during Tuesday night as a result of the storm.

As a personal injury lawyer in Tacoma I hope that the roads will be clean and ready for the holiday drivers in Washington however I urge all motorists to be extremely alert so there will be no more victims of accidents related to extreme weather conditions.

Every Bellingham personal injury lawyer will tell you that accidents related to extreme weather can be very dangerous. Stay alert and keep your family safe during this holiday season.