Motorcyclist Struck by Tour Bus Files Lawsuit

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May 10, 2012
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May 10, 2012

A motorcyclist who was critically injured in October when he was struck by a Duck, a tourist vehicle, and then dragged, according to the Seattle Times.

The newspaper reported that the victim has received more than $500,000 in medical bills from his ordeal. He had a broken pelvis and sacrum and torn ligaments in his knee. The man filed a civil suit Wednesday against the Ride the Ducks of Seattle tourist company seeking unspecified damages.

The victim’s attorney has questioned whether the vehicles, which have huge hulls and faulty sightlines, are hazards for other vehicles on the road. The Duck drivers also have to entertain, which critics say creates a distraction that makes them even more dangerous.

Since December 2010, there have been three accidents where Ducks have rear-ended other vehicles that had stopped at stop lights, a review of police records shows. The drivers in two of those incidents reportedly told police they could not see the vehicles in front of them because of the height of their own vehicles.

The CEO of Ride the Ducks of Seattle did not return a call in time for the newspaper report.

As a Seattle auto accident lawyer, I wish this man a full recovery and feel for all the hardships he has faced. I hope this case results in a review of how safe these vehicles are.

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