Motorcyclist In Fatal Crash on West Seattle Bridge

A motorcyclist crashed on the West Seattle bridge on Tuesday and succumbed to the injuries he received Wednesday morning, according to recent news sources.

The man, a 53-year-old, was driving on the bridge around 7 a.m. Tuesday when a BMW, driven by a 47-year-old female, changed lanes. The motorcyclist, driving a 1997 Yamaha, braked hard, causing the rear wheel to lock, according to Seattle police.

The victim, of Kitsap County, crashed near the Highway 99 exit. He sustained head injuries and facial injuries that he was unfortunately unable to overcome. According to news sources, he was on his morning commute to work in Bellevue, where he worked in the Ecology lab.

As a¬†motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle, I am so sorry to hear of this man’s passing. I offer my sincere sympathy and condolences to his family and friends. In my experience as a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen the devastation this kind of accident can have on families, and I wish them all strength during this difficult time. I urge all drivers to exercise extreme caution while on the road, as even a second of inattention can cause a horrific tragedy. I also recommend helmets to those on motorcycles and seat belts to drivers, at all times.