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Motorcyclist Deadly Injured In I-5 Crash

Multiple car accidents have been taking place in the Evergreen state. But not many news organizations have been talking about other accidents involving motorcycle riders.

These accidents are just as serious, just as concerning as car accidents, and still, many news outlets seem to ignore the risks.

The latest motorcycle accident to have been reported in the state happened in Seattle.

According to the report, a motorcycle rider was traveling along I-5 near the I-90 interchange in Seattle when he crashed. Authorities say that the accident may have occurred due to speed, which may have contributed to the collision.

Police officers say that they responded to the accident around 8 in the morning.

This follows another accident that happened the day before when a motorcycle rider crashed into a minivan while traveling in the southbound lanes of I-5 near the West Seattle Bridge interchange.

These accidents have claimed lives and we’re deeply saddened about that reality. We also hope that family members who have just lost their loved ones are receiving the attention and support they require in this time of need. We urge riders to learn more about similar accidents so they know what to avoid in order to prevent similar situations.

Many auto crashes may occur because drivers are distracted and are not aware of motorcycle riders but other accidents happen because riders are simply too confident in their skills, thinking that nothing can happen to them. This, unfortunately, is never the case.

Riders who ride at high rates of speed are much more likely to be involved in serious, deadly accidents. Therefore, riders who are serious about their safety should put their focus on being safe and never ignoring the risks associated with speeding, especially while trying to negotiate curves.

For more on this Seattle crash, you may follow this link.

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